Le Livre Blanc d'Anne Sophie Pic
Coffret, éditions Hachette - 2013
Le Livre Blanc has been shortlisted for the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards in the UK,
Michael Roulier has been shortlisted in the visual category for his work in Le Livre Blanc. More details here: http://www.fortnumandmasonawards.com
"If the Design Museum ever produced a cookbook, it would look like Anne-Sophie Pic’s latest collection of recipes. From the pure white front cover – with its title carved out in industrial- style font – to the silver-edged pages, this is a modern, striking cookbook, destined for coffee tables as well as kitchens inside fashionable apartments in Paris, London and New York."
"Pic delivers insights into her creative process, including the interplay of imagination and memory in creating dishes, and the associations between flavours and textures that make her cooking unique. Exquisite presentation, combined with the crystalline simplicity of the photography make Le Livre Blanc one of the most beautiful cookery books ever published."
"Silver-lined pages and minimal yet stunning imagery...an intriguing insight into Pic’s boundless creativity"
"The book's introduction by the way, is excellent. Be sure to read it. It brings a human quality to this book that might seem elitist at first glance. The photos in this book are out of this world and are taken by Michael Roulier. The book is published by Jacqui Small LLP and is available for purchase at a whopping $60 US dollars, though I would have to say, I deem it worthy."
"Le Livre Blanc excels at what it was meant to be; a visually appealing (see: gorgeous, adj.) coffee table-style book. Yes, the recipes included offer an unusually steep difficulty gradient, and you will need to invest some money in equipment to make a lot of the the components achievable, but if you can acknowledge that this is an exercise in vanity publishing, sharing the cuisine of one of the most storied restaurants in France, one is able to recognize the true value of Le Livre Blanc."

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